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Nashville graphic designer Jessica Dockter came to Nashville, Tennessee (a.k.a. Music City) in the late summer of 2006. Moving from North Dakota to Nashville, Tennessee, she was seeking what every graphic designer desires—an opportunity to make a living doing what she loves and does best. For Jessica, that is to create graphic designs using computer technology. Like most musicians and artists, Jessica creates her designs on a Macintosh computer using Apple and compatible programs from the Adobe family: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and GoLive. She also makes use of online photo and clip art sites; however, she is not limited to working only on the computer. She also designs from hand drawings which makes them one of a kind and much more personal.

Before coming to Nashville, Jessica Dockter joined forces with a writing team and a very talented Web site host in order to offer diverse resources and well-rounded services to her clients. As soon as this graphic designer arrived in Nashville, she began working in collaboration with Nashville-based Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services to offer her clients a full range of services from marketing copy to article and press release writing, book editing and e-book creation paired with graphically enhanced layout. She quickly found that working with the team not only benefitted her clients, it also helped her company gain recognition. Her new tag line “Branding your style with a look that says success” was a creation of Yvonne Perry, the owner of Writers in the Sky. She also began working with authors who needed graphic design creations to help them sell books. From start (book cover design and interior layout) to finish (Web sites, business cards, postcards, and marketing material), Jessica is able to assist individuals and companies with conceptual development, logo design, company branding, and marketing images that clearly convey what they want to express.

Jessica started her graphic design company, L.E.E. Design, in 2004 as a full service graphic design company offering a wide variety of designs for all types of marketing pieces.

“One of the most important things a company needs is a strong identity,” says Jessica.” From personal logos, customized business cards and letterhead; flyers, posters, and magazine ads; I can create a look to help you brand your business and increase your sales. I can also put together a media package or marketing kit; or build a Web site that best serves your needs.”

Only a year later, Jessica took a new name and became Jessica Galbraith when she met and married Army Lieutenant Colonel William Galbraith. Together they are moving to Austin, Texas where she plans to continue her work as an Austin graphic designer. But, she will also continue to work as a Nashville graphic designer by continuing her joint venture with Writers in the Sky to offer a professional, quick, and easy method to join graphic design with writing and editing projects.

Jessica may be found online at her blog http://leedesign2.blogspot.com/ Follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/leedesign

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams

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