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Stand Out From Your Competition!

Are you just another business in the mix? - Don't worry, we have your logo design needs covered.

What makes you unique? Why would I want to do business with you? Are you the cheapest? Do you cost more because you are the best? Who is your target market? These are some of the questions we will ask you about your business in order to find out what it is that makes you unique. We will use that information to properly brand your company in order to appeal to your target market.

Logo Design Services and What to Expect

We consider logo design a solution-driven art. In order to properly brand your business, we will lead you through a series of simple exercises that will help identify a proper market placement for your business. We can then tailor the design to reflect the true essence of your business.

You can expect to speak to our designer, Jessica Dockter, when you call. Our conversations will be pleasant and informative. We do not divulge sensitive information about our clients, but we do appreciate them and help market their businesses. For that reason, those who work with L.E.E. Design become part of our networking community and we will feature (with your permission) your design as a sample on our Web site.

We believe that both the process and the ideas we use are what make us unique and sets us aside from our competition. We work on a three-draft evolution process. After the initial exercises are complete, we will compile the information and begin work on the first draft. When we present the draft, if we "nailed" it, you have a fully functional ready-to-use design. However, if we feel that there is room for improvement, we will discuss the draft, re-evaluate it, and either “tweak” the draft or make a clean start. We will present the new draft and critique it, and then move to a third draft if necessary. We offer an unlimited amount of tweaks until you are happy with the results. The tweaks include such things as; "Can we make this green a bit more green?" or "Can we move this tagline a little lower?" etc.

Why This Logo Design Method?

It is our belief that this logo design method makes for the most efficient use of your time and money. Mainstream logo design companies up-sell their logo designs based on the number of drafts they create. Essentially, you're paying them for six logo design drafts presented all at once but you only get to pick one. You've just paid them to waste your time and money on the other five. We promise to conserve your time and money by being as efficient as possible and understanding your goals and needs before the work begins.

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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams

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