Volume 4 ~ Issue 11
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November 2008

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Can you believe this year is almost over? Soon it will be 2009 and I’ll be starting my WITS Mentoring program designed to bring new writers into the freelance writing business. During these weekly teleseminars, I will provide coaching that allows students to build a real-world portfolio while learning the craft and business of freelance writing. Now is the time to learn more and register for the first level of our WITS Mentoring program.

In addition to the mentoring class, I am considering offering a class on the advanced features of MS Word such as working with styles, book layout, headers and footers, section breaks, and creating a hyperlinked table of contents or index. Let me know if you are interested in this class.

I've taken all the material that I crammed into an hour-long lecture I gave at Nashville Writers Meetup Group when I presented there earlier this year; added everything I presented in a three-hour intensive workshop at the Tennessee Writers Alliance 3rd Annual Conference; and included the most recent research I've done on SEO and social marketing and made it into a resourceful eBook titled Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy. The eBook has tips on creating a media kit, getting traffic to your site, and using virtual book tours, social media, networking, and video for online book promotion. There are free marketing ideas on the blog so stop by and post a comment, ask a question, or just say hello.

Whoever wrote “10 Tips on How to Cultivate Relationships with Editors” and sent it to me did not include a bio or name on the document. I saved the file, but not the original email. I don’t want to publish anything that I can’t give proper credit for. Please let me know if you are the author. I would like to publish the piece in our next issue.

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I have about five copies of More than Meets the Eye that I’ve been carrying around in my car for months. Recently, some of them fell out of the box and roamed around in the trunk. They’ve gotten too dinged to sell as new, but I would be willing to sign a copy and send to you for $5 plus shipping. You can read more about all the books I have written on our new Web site http://www.writersinthesky.com.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Writers in the Sky Newsletter.

Yvonne Perry
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Pulling Back the Curtain on New York Times Book Reviews

By Scott Lorenz
President of Westwind Communications

At a recent Harvard University speech, New York Times Book Review Editor Barry Gewen revealed unknown details about The New York Times Book Review’s “inner workings.” Authors wanting to get the scoop on the process will find insight into the minds of the reviewers at The Gray Lady.  These inside secrets from that speech and gleaned from other sources may give authors a better idea if their book ever has a chance at making the cut.

As a book publicist, I talk to authors and clients every day and most have two ultimate goals: Get on Oprah and get reviewed by The New York Times Book Review. As one of the most influential and widely read book review publications in the industry, a write-up in the New York Times usually results in a strong sales surge and other media outlets writing about the book as well.

In the New York Times article, “Secret Workings of ‘Times’ Book Review Exposed!,” Gewen discussed who takes part in the review, how books are ultimately chosen, and how unglamorous the job really is in the Times building.

Gewen says The Book Review does not print the names of its editors except when they write articles.  Furthermore, he stated that there are only about 17 people on the Review roster including support staff.

First named is Editor Sam Tanenhaus who came to the Times with intentions of creating “fireworks,” but found that with all of the “disgruntled authors, agents, editors and publishers who call to complain about coverage,” reality can be wearing. “There is no bitchier industry than publishing,” Gewen said.

In addition, preview editors – Alida Becker, Rachel Donadio, Dwight Garner, Barry Gewen, Jennifer Schuessler, and one other editor - are responsible for “choosing books, finding reviewers, and editing.”

There is also Deputy Editor Robert Harris and Senior Editor Dwight Garner, as well as copy-editors, an art director, a children’s editor and a clerk on the team.

The process of deciding what gets reviewed and what doesn’t is quite demanding work.  “It begins with the clerk who goes through the pile of 750 to 1000 advance manuscripts that the office receives each week,” says Gewen. However, don’t expect your self-help book, reference guide or travel manual to get any attention in the initial review by the clerk. Those books are “tossed.”

Then, the rest of the manuscripts are taken to Tanenhaus’s office where the senior editor and deputy editor divide them up and get rid of more.

This leaves the six preview editors with about 25 books to look through. Keep in mind this winnowing process has just cut upwards of 750 or more books! Gewen said he spends at least a half hour on each book and chooses four or five, then rejects the others. Reasons most often cited for exclusion, “too narrow for us” or “workmanlike.”

In an interview with Tanenhaus by Michael Orbach of “Knight News, “If a writer is not bringing something new to the conversation or is not very well-established with a following, long-awaited book, or has really superb narrative or analytical skills, there's a good chance the book won't get reviewed.”

In another article that tries to depict the workings of The New York Times Book Review, “The Book Review: Who Critiques Whom- and Why?” by Times Editor Byron Calame, Tanenhaus continued to say that books often get rejected because they “lack originality” or are “packaged assemblages of smaller pieces.”

And for those of you authors who want your first novels to be reviewed, Tanenhaus said, “It has to be strikingly good.”

Competition amongst similar books plays a role too. Often authors and even publishers are unaware of another book on the same topic being published at the same time. So the New York Times may decide which one is plowing new ground and is the better of the bunch. It may only review that one book and ignore the others.

Of his job Gewen said, “One has to have a hard heart at the Book Review.”

Finally, after the preview editors choose their book selections, they meet again to discuss possible reviewers, all of whom have their own ideas of who to consider. Once they’ve made their picks from lists compiled from “scanning magazines and other publications” and talking to editors and friends, editors go to their own offices and start trying to reach people.

Overall, Calame said in his article, “Much of the judgment about the books falls into the realm of opinion - and beyond the public editor's mandate.” As for the process, he believes that the Times editors “genuinely care about general readers and the literary world, and want their choices to have credibility.”

Though choosing books to be featured in the Book Review is a time-consuming, important task, according to Gewen, the Review is isolated from the rest of the building and its influences.

Gewen said “The Sunday Magazine lives in an office down the hall” and “pays the salary of all the rest of us.” Furthermore, he said, “There is a real class division here.” The Review editors are not in the luxurious offices as the rest of the magazine staff, but they pride themselves in believing they are “smarter” than the rest.

The New York Times Sunday newspaper circulation is 1.5 million. A 1/5 page size ad in the Book Review (1 Column X 10.87 inches) will cost a whopping $8,830 for small presses. If you’re a major publisher it’ll cost even more! Check out the rate sheet at: http://www.nytimes.whsites.net/mediakit/pdfs/newspaper/rates/2008/RateCard_Books08_EW6.pdf

The Bottom Line: If you’re an author with expectations of having your book reviewed by the New York Times Book Review there is hope. Just don’t send them a self-help book, a travel manual or self published book. And if you’re a first time novelist, save the postage and send a resume instead since it might first help to get a job at the Times. It’s proven that Times staffers have a nice edge in the review process… not that I could blame them.

Or take the advice of Garner: When asked in another “Knight News” interview by Orbach, “What’s the way to get your book reviewed?” Garner said, “Write a good one. Really.”

One More Thing: Book reviews in newspapers are dying. The Los Angeles Times published its last standalone Book Review July 27, 2008. Newspapers around the US are cutting in-house book reviewers and running syndicated reviews.  Why? First they can save money and as for the pressure to save money, it’s all about a shrinking news-hole caused by advertisers shifting dollars to the internet and TV. Furthermore, conglomerates who own media outlets try to squeak the last dollar out of everything. And, finally it’s the same thing plaguing the book industry in general, sadly, a decline in the number of readers.

Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm with a special knack for working with individuals and entrepreneurs to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous authors, doctors, lawyers, inventors and entrepreneurs. As a book marketing expert Lorenz is called upon by top execs and bestselling authors to promote their books. Learn more about Westwind Communications’ book marketing approach at http://www.book-marketing-expert.com or contact Lorenz at scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or by phone at 734-667-2090.

New York Times Article
Circulation report
Knight News- Garner
Knight News- Tanenhaus
Byron Calame’s article


WITS Podcast Schedule November 2008


November 14

Yvonne Perry interviews Carl David about his new book Bader Field.  David writes this autobiographical story using an integration of his career as an art dealer and instructor with the touching relationships he had with his father.  As the third generation participant in a successful art gallery, David realizes the importance of family traditions and commitments following the untimely death of his beloved dad from a heart attack.  In his interview with Yvonne Perry, David will discuss how Bader Field will connect with readers who either understand or long for the close father-son relationship.  He also discusses how the tragic issue of suicide can test these bonds.  And, anyone with an interest in art will be drawn to David's extensive knowledge of the subject.  For more information, please visit Carl David's page at Nightengale Press for more information and purchase links.

November 21

Writers in the Sky's very own Yvonne Perry will be interviewed by H. Les Brown as part of his radio series “The Frazzled Entrepreneur.”  She speaks to the idea that authors, and anyone involved in the business of writing, certainly can experience the sense of being frazzled!  But, during her conversation, she also shares the great joy that comes from the profession.  Yvonne is a full-time freelance writer, editor, author, public speaker and the owner of Writers in the Sky Writing Services.  She will be discussing her personal journey in developing a writing business and offers advice to others whose inner voice is compelling them to jump into the world of writing.  Her personal experience with the writing and marketing processes provide practical and relevant applications for our listeners. 

Yvonne's new book is Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy.  For more information about this release, visit www.OnlinePromotionMadeEasy.com.

November 28

Exhausted from a day of eating turkey and spending time with family?  Relax for a moment with our weekly podcast.  Dr. Mark Hinkes will be discussing his new book Keep the Legs You Stand On.  Dr. Hinkes is a podiatrist with over thirty years' experience who uses his background to write this new release concerning diabetes and the risk of limb loss.  This book covers a wide variety of material, from common therapies and medicines to the psychological aspects of the disease to the critical role played by the caregiver, but always presents the material in a way that is accessible to the casual reader.  Anyone who has diabetes or knows someone who suffers from the debilitating aspects of this disease will want to tune in to this interview and purchase the book.  Visit Dr. Hinkes' website at www.amputationprevention.com for more information.


Listening to Writers in the Sky Podcast on a computer is easy. Just click this link: http://yvonneperry.blogspot.com and go to my blog. On the right sidebar there is a list of archived shows. Click on the interview you would like to hear and it will open a post that has a link to open the audio file. For information about being a guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast, see www.writersinthesky.com/writing-podcast.htm

Seven Powerful Ways to Find New Readers for Your Blog
By Penny C. Sansevieri

It's one thing to have a blog, it's quite another to get readers. If you have a blog and have been blogging for a while you know what I mean. I was thrilled the first time someone commented on a blog post I made. A la Sally Field I wanted to jump off my chair and yell: “Yes, you like me, you really like me.”

It can be a lonely journey to start a blog but once you do, you'll find that blogging can bring great value to whatever you're promoting. Your book, message or product can be greatly enhanced by the platform you create online. Now, it's just a question of finding readers and (of course) keeping them. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Write good blog headings: stay away from mysterious, nebulous blog titles. No one will read them and search engines can't spider them effectively. Be specific, tell what your blog is about in the title. Surprises aren't a good thing when it comes to blog titles.

2) Keep blogging - even if you don't think people are reading keep writing, eventually if you blog right readers will beat a path to your door.

3) Give away stuff: yes, it's ok to promote free stuff on your blog. Don't do it all the time but every now and again free stuff is a good thing!

4) Add your blog to your email signature line: this is a pretty simple way to gain exposure. Every time an email goes out you're promoting your blog, what could be easier!

5) Comment on other blogs: a great way to network with other bloggers is to comment on what they're doing/saying on their own blogs. Make cyber-friends, lots of them.

6) Invite people to guest blog or interview them: they'll promote the interview on their blog and this will help you get readers and expand your network. These interviews also make for great content.

7) Don't be afraid to state your opinion: your blog is your opportunity to get center stage with something that's important to you. State your opinion, you may be surprised at how many people agree with you.

There are, of course, dozens more ways to get readers to your blog and keep them there. These seven will get you started and keep the momentum going. Remember that while blogging may seem like a lonely way to promote yourself, blogs get picked up by search engines, and sometimes even media sites (like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times) so the benefits to starting and keeping a blog are enormous. If you feel like no one's reading you might be surprised. One day you'll get a notice that someone liked a post enough to comment on it. When that happens, you have my permission to be thrilled. Yes, they really like you.

Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. Her company is one of the leaders in the publishing industry and has developed some of the most cutting-edge book marketing campaigns. She is the author of five books, including Book to Bestseller which has been called the “road map to publishing success”. To learn more about her books or her promotional services, you can visit her Web site at www.amarketingexpert.com. To subscribe to her free ezine, send a blank email to: subscribe@amarketingexpert.com

Copyright ©2008 Penny C. Sansevieri

Add your announcement or brag about your writing accomplishment. Tell us about your book or business. Share information and ideas or send articles or advertorial for the next issue by contacting us on our Web site www.writersinthesky.com/contact.php . Here are some announcements from our readers this month:

Cherie Burbach has started a new service to help those looking for reviews of their poetry books.  If you're looking for a review of your book that can be posted online, visit Bonjour Poetry Reviews at http://bonjourpoetryreviews.homestead.com/.
November is National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is a fun approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1 with a goal to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Learn how you can participate at http://www.nanowrimo.org/

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into  the beautiful art of poetry or to write a short story that is worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream. Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes. All works must be original. http://www.dreamquestone.com 

Guidelines: Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, style, or form, typed or neatly hand printed. And/or write a short story, five pages maximum length, on any subject or theme, creative writing fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, diary, journal entries and screenwriting). Also, must be typed or neatly hand printed. Multiple poetry and short story entries are accepted. 
Postmark deadline: December 31, 2008: All winners will be announced on January 31, 2009 
Prizes: Writing Contest First Prize is $500. Second Prize: $250. Third Prize: $100.

Don't suffer with book proposals. You can be a pro with an investment of only 20 minutes and 49 cents with Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s Great First Impression Book Proposal Short on Amazon.com.

Join Carol Denbow and Yvonne Perry in a discussion About Book Marketing. On November 20, A Book Inside Blog will host an interview with Yvonne Perry, author and creator of Writers in the Sky! Mark your calendars; this will be extremely informative and fun!

In this blog interview, you will learn how Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services helps authors with online book publicity. Discover why Yvonne decided to write her fabulous new e-book, Book Marketing in the Digital Age Online Promotion Made Easy and what viewers gain by reading it. Yvonne will also share what she thinks is the biggest mistake authors make when attempting to market their books.

Visit A Book Inside at http://abookinside.blogspot.com/ Also visit our new writer’s forum for help with your writing, publishing, and book marketing! Go to http://abookinsideforum.ning.com

In this day and age more and more people are downloading their information to go. One of the best ways for a podcast or radio show to sound great is by hiring a professional voice-over artist to do the intros and outros. In addition to commercials, many voice-over artists also earn their living reading audio books.  Check out Donna Hooper’s Voice-Over Demo as an example at http://donnahooper.voice123.com.
Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours for November 2008

Conor and the Crossworlds by Kevin Gerard
(November 3 through November 30)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/virtual-book-tour-conor-and-crossworlds.html.  Surviving an Altered World, two everyday high school students find themselves caught in a race to save an altered world after Conor ignores his mentors' warnings and divulges secrets about his past.

Mark Tewart - How to be a Sales Superstar (November 3 through December 31)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-be-sales-superstar-by-mark.html.  Mark Tewart offers very sound advice to improve our life skills, people skills, marketing skills and sales skills. This is much more than the typical "sales book".

Gurutej - Kundalini Yoga and the Mental Clarity Tour (November 17 - December 12)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/gurutej-presents-4-kundaini-yoga-dvds.html.  Gurutej calls this the "Mental Clarity Tour". Do you want to learn more about Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Yoga, Health, Healing, Energy, Meditation, Sleep, Success?

Dyan Garris - Automatic Chakra Balance DVD and Manifesting Therapy (November 17 - December 12)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/dyan-garris-introduces-her-chakra.html.  Part of the Spiritual Toolbox™ for relaxation, spiritual transformation, Automatic Chakra Balance™ help in sleeping and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit by Dyan Garris.

C J Scarlet - The Kindness Cure (November 17 - December 12)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/cj-scarlet-is-starting-kiss-revolution.html.  CJ will tour cyber space to bring legions of people into this project who are asked to do one kind thing each week for the next year. You can help anyone who needs a helping hand.

Tony "Tony Nap" Napoli - My Father, My Don (November 17 - November 30)
http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-father-my-don-by-tony-tony-nap.html.  Tony "Tony Nap" Napoli shares his story as the son one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era. Genovese Family Capo, James "Jimmy Nap" Napoli-a mob kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years.

ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS seeks to publish those books that help the author share with the world. We all have something to say, and this is a press that wants to hear your voice.  While our focus will be on spiritual, self-growth, personal transformation, and books with a strong message, we understand that self expression occurs in poetry, collections of short stories, science fiction, thrillers and even novels with a bit of romance.  If it is good, we will take a look. We are not actively seeking children and young adult books but if it WOWs us, we will consider this genre.

We are new, and we understand that new authors have an increasingly difficult time in wading through the morass of agents, publishers, query letters, and marketing.  ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS may well be the place where you get your first book in print. We all have to start somewhere.  We plan on growing, and hope you will consider growing with us. Initially, your book will be published as a trade paperback and eBook.  Books will be available at Amazon.com and the eBooks through MOBIPOCKET (and their many affiliates) as well as on this and your own site.  We are currently working on broader distribution and we will post updates as they occur.

Please take a little time and read the pages of this site.  Look at our contract, view the submission requirements, check out who we are, and read where we are now, and where we hope to go.  In the age of the Internet, small presses and independent authors have greater opportunities to have their works available to millions.  Work with us and we will work with you. The bottom line, if we love it, we will print it!!  http://allthingsthatmatterpress.com  
Write Better... Get Published A Cappela Publishing http://www.acappela.com  Want to receive our free monthly newsletter for writers?  Join at: A Cappela Publishing - http://www.acappela.com/ (Sign up at bottom of opening page).
Allbooks Reviews provides professional book reviews and author promotion at very reasonable fees. We also offer editing, advertising, publishing referral and guest speaking services. Listed in 101 Best Websites for Writers. Allbooks Reviews will review POD as well as traditional.  http://www.allbookreviews.com 
Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog has been one busy rolling dog this fall!  Her book was chosen as the winner in the National Best Book Awards from USA Book News in the Children’s Picture Book Non-Fiction soft cover category.

Frankie has also been nominated in the companion category for Wisconsin’s Pet Hall of Fame (www.wvma.org).  This recognition is for work she has done in her community and bringing a positive face to animals with disabilities. It is also in recognition for helping children realize they can choose to face challenges with a positive attitude. 

Frankie’s story also debuted as a feature story in the new national magazine Doxie Digest (www.doxiedigest.com) which premiered on October 23rd.

Barbara Techel is the author of Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog.  It is a true, inspirational story about a dachshund whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed.  Frankie is custom fit for a wheelchair and learns to keep on rolling. Her zest for life will have you cheering and she will give you hope that all things are possible.  Frankie will leave an everlasting and loving paw print on your heart.  A book for all ages to teach overcoming challenges and also compassion for the physically challenged.
November 15 is I Love To Write Day
People of all ages will celebrate I Love To Write Day on November 15.  Founded in 2002 by Delaware author John Riddle, I Love To Write Day is now celebrated in over 20,000 schools all across the United States.  Bookstores, libraries, community centers and everyday people also join in the fun.

"My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing,” says John Riddle, Founder.  “They can write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel…the possibilities are endless. But I want people to take the time to put their thoughts down on paper. They will be amazed at the results. Writing can be fun, but also challenging. People need to be challenged, and writing is but one of many creative ways to express yourself. I am very excited because I Love To Write Day activities are already being planned all across the United States. For many people, that will be the beginning of their writing career. I Love To Write Day has the potential to launch the career of the next John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King or Toni Morrison."

Many Governors from across the United States are recognizing the importance of writing, and are encouraging their residents to celebrate I Love To Write Day on November 15.  In fact, Governors from the following states have "officially proclaimed" November 15 I Love To Write Day: Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Texas.

"Everyone can get involved in I Love To Write Day,” says Riddle.  “Just visit the Website, I Love To Write Day at www.ilovetowriteday.org and you will find suggestions and ideas on how to hold special I Love To Write Day activities in your community. There is a registration page, and I am encouraging everyone to sign up so that we can count how many people get involved in I Love To Write Day. People are also encouraged to spread the word about I Love To Write Day in their local communities."
Bonita Rose recently self-published her first work, A Life Unrehearsed {My Life In Pictures} Volume 1 at Blurb.com. If you're a lover of quality photography, this collection is for you! It's filled with not just glorious images, but with true inspiration on every page. Preview and order your copy in time for the Holidays!

Bonita is currently writing her first mainstream media memoir. Bonita's memoir will be a book full of stark reality and much personal reflection.

Bonita Rose, a woman nearing the defining age of fifty, inspires others daily on her blog, A Life Unrehearsed. The writer of countless daily musings, she inspires, creates, and meditates daily. Those around her know she is a woman full of life, a woman who believes in happy endings, a woman who believes in the magic of kindness and the power of the written word. She is a friend, daughter, wife, and a mother to her two gorgeous girls, Sara and Bethany. Her many interests include memory-keeping, photography, writing old-fashioned cards and letters, and when she can, singing loudly to her favorite songs when she’s all alone. She lives with her husband, Greg and their dog, Angel, in Fargo, North Dakota. Bonita’s memoir will be a book full of stark reality and much personal reflection.

Currently, Bonita is working feverishly on her manuscript and her goal is to be finished writing the manuscript by Christmas 2008. Her next writing goal is to tackle her query letter and book outline/proposal to have ready to send to specific literary agents in the Spring of 2009.

Email Bonita at bonnieangel1797@gmail.com
Blog URL: www.alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com
Ning Network: www.alifeunrehearsed.ning.com
Read below for a short description of her up and coming memoir:

A LIFE UNREHEARSED, One Woman's Story, Finding Strength

Have you lived an unrehearsed life?

A life unrehearsed. We all live our lives without a script in our hands. We live as on a stage for the first time, struggling to know the lines, to understand the plot line. We never know what is to come.  Inside these pages by daily blogger, Bonita Rose – you'll read what it feels like to be human. To laugh. To cry. True, we all lead very different lives. We all walk very different paths. Yet as fellow human beings walking this planet, we all tend to feel the same breadths of emotion, the same stings of pain, the same floods of joy.

Although very different, we are all – very much the same. We look at Bonita Rose, we read her words, and we see ourselves. Have you ever – in your own life -

  • felt like the black sheep or ever felt you were unwanted as a child?
  • come close to your own mortal demise?
  • been mentally and emotionally abused by your earthly father or been misunderstood time and time again?
  • been physically and emotionally abused by a past lover?
  • had to survive through one, two, or three abortions?
  • been driven to live a promiscuous life?
  • struggled with your own forgiveness of yourself or with your personal faith in God?
  • felt controlled in any of your past relationships?
  • been alienated (having no emotional connection) or been forcibly separated from - your own children? Ever had to fight to be once again, a positive role model – in your children's lives?
  • been publicly disowned by a parent?
  • had to say goodbye to friendships that were once so very special?
  • questioned your own happiness or had to start over?

Bonita Rose – a genuine survivor has. May these pages cause you to pause, to feel thankful, to feel stronger than you ever have before. With a lifetime of experiences and some personal reflection, Bonita Rose knows intimately what it takes to be a strong survivor. If you yearn to feel empowered, or simply yearn for a good read, A Life Unrehearsed is the book for you. Read her story and be moved.

Stop Tolerating, Start Creating - What Are You Tolerating That's Silently Destroying Your Creativity
By Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

One of the most incredible traits of human beings is being able to adapt when circumstances change.

Now most of the time this is a wonderful capability. Other times though, it means we become so used to tolerating certain situations that on the surface it feels like we're ignoring them. Underneath though, they are damaging us daily, with a constant drip, drip effect that drastically undermines our confidence and ability to create.

Here's a physical example to illustrate the point.

A friend of mine, we'll call her Eve, injured her left shoulder lifting something too heavy. She thought she'd just rest it for a few days and hoped it would get better on its own.

A few days became a few weeks, and Eve's shoulder did appear to be a little less painful. “Hey, at least I've still got another working shoulder!” she joked with friends.

Three months on though, Eve decided the pain was too much. So she visited a chiropractor. To her amazement, after the chiropractor had examined Eve, she told her there was actually more damage to her OTHER shoulder, where she'd been compensating and protecting the one she hurt by using the other shoulder more.

The chiropractor also found that Eve's whole posture was out of alignment as she been leaning more to one side, again to try to protect the injured shoulder. A niggling pain in her left knee - that Eve had thought was completely unrelated - was also caused by the overcompensation for the injured shoulder.

Luckily Eve sought help in time, and both of her shoulders and her knee are now fully healed once more. By tolerating the pain for so long, Eve could have done herself permanent damage, in both shoulders, her back, her knee and ultimately her ability to physically function in the same way as before.

Will you be as fortunate though? What pain have you been tolerating in your creative life? What niggling negativities have been slowly chipping away at your creative confidence and your ability to create freely?

What kind of beliefs about your creativity have you gotten used to and accepted as “normal” even though they make you feel anxious, inadequate and fearful about creating?

We began by talking about how adaptable people are in difficult circumstances, and what a powerful trait that is to help us survive and thrive.

Think very carefully about what you've adapted to - the people, the habits, the situations, the inner thoughts - that all have an adverse effect on your creativity.

But you've just learned to tolerate them, forgetting there's an alternative, forgetting that you always have a choice. Until now.

Choose creativity, and choose to take care of yourself.

Identify the biggest negative tolerance in your life, the one thing that holds you back from being as creative as you can be more than anything else. Then take the first step to reducing the impact it has in your life, the first step to removing it entirely.

Stop tolerating, start creating. The first step begins today, it's a great time for you to take it.
Ready to be more creative? Then sign up to “Create Create!” - Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin's free twice monthly ezine - today, and get your free copy of the “Explode Your Creativity!” Action Workbook. Just head over to http://www.coachcreative.com.  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dan_Goodwin


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WITS publicity packages are affordable and effective ways to market your book. Yvonne Perry offers you the benefit of the knowledge she gained from her own book marketing experience. Choose from publicity packages containing book trailers, article marketing techniques, online media releases, author interviews, book reviews and more.


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Let Tom Swift Inform Your Writing

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Ever heard of Tom Swifties? Maybe you're too young to be familiar with the classic Tom Swift adventures for boys. Or maybe you're a girl who never read a Tom Swift book nor cares to.

Tom Swifties are one-line jokes lampooning the style of Victor Appleton, the author of the original Tom Swift books. People started making jokes about his overuse of adverbs and the unnecessary taglines he wrote into his dialogue. Like the Polish jokes, they were so much fun that a whole series of them became available for the pun-loving. The author of these classics, of course, laughed all the way to the bank. But that's a lesson for one of my marketing seminars, not this article on writing.

Tom Swifties are something from America's literary past. This is now. I haven't dared to go to the new books in the series but I assume that this outdated writing has been eliminated from them. You'll want to minimize tags and adverbs in your writing, too!

An example from one of the Swift books will suffice to let you know what to watch for. (Thank you to Roy Peter Clark for the following example:)
“Look!” suddenly exclaimed Ned. “There's the agent now!...I'm going to speak to him!' impulsively declared Ned.”

Even authors who swear that adverbs are always very, very good things to use and are reluctant to give up their clever taglines can see how, well . . . .awful this is. In fact, I have to reassure people the quotation is real! Some of the writing that comes to the desks of agents and editors looks almost as bad. Here's how you can make sure yours doesn't:
  1. Use taglines only when one is necessary for the reader to know who is speaking.
  2. Almost always choose “he said” or “she said” over anything too cute, exuberant or wordy like “declared” and “exclaimed.”
  3. Cut the “ly” words ruthlessly, not only in dialogue tags but everywhere. You will find specific techniques for strengthening your writing in the process of eliminating adverbs in The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. This book will also give you some computer tricks for making these edits easy.
 You don't have to know the reasons or the techniques for making the “ly” and tagline edits easy, of course. You can follow Nike's advice and  ”Just do it!”  But learning all you can about turning adverbs to your advantage is never a bad thing.

For more help with editing and all things related (like grammar, spelling, formatting) go to www.TheFrugalEditor.blogspot.com or refer to your copy of The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. It is available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0978515870//

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't and The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. Both books are winners of USA Book News “Best Professional Book” award the first in the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers holds Book Publicists of Southern California's coveted Irwin Award. The Frugal Editor is also the winner of Reader Views Literary Awards and New Generation Indie Book Award for Marketing. Carolyn  is also the author of “The Great First Impression Book Proposal: Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book in 20 Minutes or Less,” one of Amazon's famous 49 cent Shorts.  Learn more at www.HowToDoItFrugally.com.

Are You Afraid of Dying?
Do you need comfort after the loss a loved one? Here’s hope!

More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying and Afterlife was authored by Yvonne Perry for people who are facing challenges presented by bereavement. In the book you will find:
  • Information to alleviate the fear of death
  • Comfort for caregivers, friends and family of a person who is near the end of life, or has recently passed
  • Understanding for those who have had a near-death experience and lived to tell about it
  • nsight from Dr. Aaron Milstone, Medical Director of Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Lung Transplant Program about why physicians are ill-equipped to deal with death and are unable to comfort dying patients or their families
  • Why people sense the presence of their loved ones near them during the funeral, graveside ceremony and in the days following
  • Reasons we should address end of life issues with family members.
  • Understanding emotions regarding sorrow, grief, loss and guilt
  • How to tell if death is about to occur for a critically ill patient and how to assist a loved one in gently departing
  • Dealing with the emotional devastation of a loved one’s suicide and signs that indicate someone may be suicidal
  • Discussion about euthanasia

There’s also a legal copy of a Living Will, also known as an Advanced Health Care Directive included in the book and on Yvonne’s website www.deathdyingafterlife.com where you may read more or purchase the book.


Language of the Lakes

Bright yellow wild canaries play tag in the trees.
Red-tailed hawk up above, glides on the breeze.
Big, blue heron wades in the shallows by the pier.
Jet-black guard crows call to all, “Danger, stranger near.”

We fish the stick-ups, the drop-offs, and the rip-rap by the ramp.
Put the catch in the cooler, take naps back at the camp.
Put potatoes in the coals to roast while we take our walks.
Then it’s cold beer in the ice chest, or wine in a box.

Fourteen foot V-hull; Johnson, 30 horse.
Pontoon tied up at the dock, like a floating porch.
Great big ole bass-boats, inboard motors hum.
Jet-skis runnin’ in a pack; look out, here they come.

It sorta sounds like singing, the music that it makes.
Once you learn to listen to the language of the lakes.
Blood River, Crappie Hollow, Wildcat Creek.
These are places that I know, this is language that I speak.

It sorts sounds like singing, the music that it makes.
Once you learn to listen to the language of the lakes.

Jan Bossing © Joelton, Tennessee  2008  


You Saved Me Again

You saved me
Just when my life was spinning out of control.
You rushed right in
With understanding and a hand to hold.
You touched my heart
And showed me how it is to be a friend.
Oh, and now
In my lonely hour
You saved me again.

You touched me
In gentle ways that I have never known.
Down deep inside
It’s clear to see how much the feeling has grown.
I know it’s true
You’ll always be there when I need a friend.
And when I’m down
You’ll be around
To save me again.

In my darkest hour when all hope was lost
You were always there with me
Traveling the road, sharing every load,
Knowing this is how it’s always meant to be.

There will come a day
I can repay the kindness you have shown.
I’ll step right in
If you are feeling lost and alone.
I’ll prove to you
I’ve learned just what it means to be a friend.
Without regret
I won’t forget
How you saved me again and again and again.

Dennis S. Martin


Incomplete Poem

I have come a long way
I know,
Because when I look back
I cannot see the people I left behind

I have learned a lot in all these years
I know,
Because I know things I did not know then
Things, which perhaps I should have not known

I have grown up, definitely,
Physiologically and psychologically too...
I know,
Because the mirror reflects a strange face
When I look at it trying to search for the "old" me

I am not sad, perhaps I am happy
Yes, you can say that
Because I am smiling.

There are a lot of things to be said
I know,
Because my fingers are trembling
As I compose this poem
... my first incomplete poem.

Alphabets and Words

Alphabet by alphabet
and word by word,
Feelings join in to form sentences.
Sentences, which are incomplete …
without a drop of tear.

Loneliness join the alphabets in words
and, the words are held together by fear.
Fear of losing something …
Something, which I could never have.

This is so strange, the words wonder –
as they look at each another with confusion
Something is definitely wrong!
Perhaps wrong alphabets joined –
to form wrong words…
How can someone fear losing something –
One could never have?

The hand stops writing,
The pen wonders, “What next?”
The alphabets feel lost,
The words are tired,
The sentences go to bed
and, feelings keep me awake.


It is just a matter of time
You will then know
Life is more than
What we think we know

It reveals its secrets
As each day passes by
It has answers for all our questions
Including the "why"

We just need to understand
Decipher each hint that it throws
Take the journey, trust in yourself
As road expands, the revelation grows

Arti Honrao is an Indian born writer who has passion for different genres of writing such as poetry, short stories, quotes and sensible articles. Her work of writing carries literary values with holistic and mature perspective towards life with shades of simplicity and profundity.  Visit her blog Straight From The Heart at http://www.artihonrao.net.

A Loving Spider
In Any Form Of Expression
Is An Enormous
Loving Spider That Tangles  It’s Victim
In A Web Of Thoughts

It Has  No Time Restrictions
And Lives Outside The Context
Of Space

Its Body Is Diverse
Its Voice Is Captivating
Its Impact Is Life Changing

A Poem Creates  Vibrations
And Releases Energy To
Other Realities

It Is Consciousness
Uniting With Another Aspect
Of Itself

It Dances Freely
On TheStage
Of Forgotten Pleasures
And Truths

Poetry Wears A Coat Of Many Colors
The Shoes Of Lonely Travelers

Its Heart Pumps Love
From The Spring Of
Its Awareness

Every Minute Is Poetry
Every Hour A Verse In Learning
Every Day A Stanza Of Remembering
In Synchronicity

Without The Spider No Web
Without The Web No Form

Without Poetry
I Sleep In The Unconscious World
Of Mortality

And Call It Conscious

Hal Manogue


How to Make and Produce an Audio book

By Janet Grace Riehl

Last spring I began a making an audio book version of my book, “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary.”  Starting out, I hadn’t a clue where the project would take me or even how much it would cost. But on the eve of launching “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Story and Music,” I see that I’ve learned more than I even knew I needed to know about making and producing an audio book.  If you’re considering it yourself, here are some pointers. Having the information in advance might save you a heap of bother.

The framework for making and producing an audio book occurs in seven stages: 1) creative; 2) technical; 3) legal; 4) production; 5) distribution and marketing; and, 6) Big Celebration.

Stage 1: Creative

There’s more to this stage than pursuing the muse willy-nilly. It’s important to pay attention to your logical self to stay organized. It’s essential in order to communicate effectively with your audio engineer and any other professionals you’ll be working with. Not to mention saving time, money, and sanity.

During the creative stage you are planning, establishing the content for the CD, recording, and later in the editing phase, swapping files with your audio engineer. After the initial recording, you’ll be editing for clarity, completeness, and cohesion.

So how do you go about finding an audio engineer? You can find such folks through online research and personal networking. I found Scott Kidd, a professional from Nashville, through Yvonne Perry. He was a joy to collaborate with because he was simpatico with my project. Because of his reputation, I knew that I could trust him.

As a brief but important aside, I want to mention that for collaboration work, especially long distance, you need to operate under the umbrella of mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Firm up your business arrangement (terms of work, hourly fee, and what the final product will be. In working with collaborators I trust, I like to give clear direction and a feeling for the project, and then let them go do their work with a great deal of freedom. This approach is what I call “autonomy with connection.”

I spent two days in Scott’s home studio in Nashville recording all the poems in “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary.”  After I returned home to St. Louis, Scott sent MP3 files for my  review and detailed response in order to complete his editing. In our project we were collaging 90 poems and hundreds of clips from songs, stories, and banter recorded in my father’s parlor. Scott understood the nature and purpose of my project so completely that with minimal direction, he made excellent initial choices, but these still had to be refined.

During the file-swapping phase, you call upon your highly analytical, critical listening skills. You’ll listen for quality of the audio, pause intervals, and finalizing the content.  For example, in my project we listened especially for pause intervals between the poems and the song, Pop’s story, or the banter between us that framed it.  When you finish your review of the MP3 files, you send notes (like a play director) back to your audio engineer who takes care of the rest.

Tip: Make a map to organize your recording work.  Before our group recorded in Pop's parlor, I wrote out the songs I associated with each of the book's five sections so we wouldn’t waste time. After the four mini discs were completed, I listened to them and cataloged their contents according to running time. This catalog became a handily coded roadmap Scott and I could refer to. It saved lots of time during the session, and more time, trouble—even money—as Scott moved deeper into the editing process.

Tip: Practice before recording. Be present, alert, and open to your emotional response so that you can bring it into your reading. Think of your voice as an instrument. Use inflection, pacing, and pitch to sustain listener engagement.

Stage 2: Technical

During the technical stage the audio engineer masters the disc, and you decide how the discs will span. This means, where will the tracks and the CDs themselves break if you are making more than one disc. In our project there were four discs, so this step was critical. Your engineer sends you the first complete work in CD format—your hard copy. You send back comments, including any technical glitches to clean up.

Stage 3: Legal

From this stage onward, the key word is “business.” You’ve established the content and done what most of us would consider the fun part. Now it’s all straight-ahead work.

A new term I learned during this phase was “mechanical licensing.” Basically it’s permission to use copyrighted musical materials that are being replicated for sale in recorded format. It ensures that artists receive the royalties they are due for creating their original works. As a creative person yourself, you can appreciate how important it is. This step also curtails your legal exposure so you won’t get sued.

So, with that definition under out belts, the first legal step is to secure mechanical licenses for any songs you did not compose yourself. If you are recording original material you composed yourself, then it makes good sense to get it copyrighted. It also makes good sense to copyright the completed product to protect your entire work.

Royalties are computed on an elaborate equation of number of uses per CD and number of CDs. The mechanical licensing for our project to make 1,000 copies cost around $1,000, roughly $1 per audio book package with the four CDs. We also copyrighted seven of my father’s original songs. I hired a specialist to do this work, and it sure paid off in hassle and money.

As you can see there are myriad details to take care of during this stage.  You might want to designate a project manager. I didn’t want to do this myself, so Scott became my point person to guide us through the business matters. He gave me great advice throughout.

Stage 4: Production

At this point, you choose a company to physically produce your project. Production includes pressing and replicating the discs, making the insert, and packaging the entire product. You have to choose what services you want from among the various ones the company offers. For example, will you produce the artwork yourself or will they? How many copies do you want? In my case we chose a production company called Disc Makers through online comparison shopping and decided to make 1,000 copies. That sounds like a lot, but 1,000 copies was where the price per copy started to make sense. Also, if you do another production run, the law requires you to renew and redo all the mechanical licenses. Ack!

Stage 5: Distribution and Marketing

How you do this will depend on many factors such as the strength of your existing marketing platform and your available resources. You’ll price the product at this point. A minimum rule of thumb is to double the basic cost invested.

If you are doing it yourself, make a marketing and distribution plan just as you would for a self-published book. The plan helps you determine your audience and figure out the most effective channels for reaching these people.

For myseIf, I decided to market the audio book from my website, but to sell it on Amazon. That way Amazon is responsible for fulfillment—taking the orders, packing the product, and sending it out.

Stage 6: Big Celebration

After all the work and months of waiting your product took, make sure you have some kind of party to celebrate the completion. I’m thinking that sometime next year I’ll fly to Nashville and have one of those Yellow Porch suppers with Scott Kidd, Yvonne Perry, Hal Manogue (who recorded the introduction), and Greg McNey (who handled the legal phase). Ya’ll ready?





Title: Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance
Author: Usiku
Genre: Poetry, prose poetry, short stories
Pages: 103

Usiku's work is magnificently written. He has an amazing mastery of the English language and his nature imagery is especially breathtaking. The poems and stories cover wide-ranging human universal themes such as love, religion, nature and family - each boldly presented in a genuine, powerful African-American voice.

His book is divided into eight sections, each with its own broad theme. The short works range in length from poems of just a few lines to stories a few pages long. Some works are humorous while others will bring tears to your eyes. Even where his perspective and my own differ, I always found his words to be both passionate and thought-provoking.

These poems linger in your mind long after you put the book down. His are the sort of images that drift back into your mind days, even weeks later, when you least expect it, forming new connections in your spirit.

Some of my personal favorites are: "To: Natural, My Love," (a poem on the beauty of natural African curls), "Darkness Wings," "Buffalo Creek Crossing," “Why We Need Peach Trees & Kids," "Basic Needs & the 'N' Word," and the humorously, yet truthfully shocking, "Some Dreams Seem So Real..."

Usiku's words reclaim, embrace and proclaim the beauty, power and dignity of the black experience, and in so doing, reveal a deep and moving power to love and heal.

D. Ash, Editor of Expanded Horizons, http://www.expandedhorizons.net/ Originally posted on Bookshare on Livejournal

Book Title: The Next Falling Empire
Author: Marc Boyajian
ISBN: 978-1432728014
Publisher: Outskirts Press, 2008
Genre: current events; public policy; government 
Reviewer: Sarah Moore for Writers in the Sky

Discussions of the major policy issues facing our country are never more passionate or detailed than during a presidential election year. The next steps to take concerning health care, national security, education and a myriad of other agenda items are discussed on debate stages and around the kitchen table. As a lifelong follower of politics and a former high school government teacher, I am always excited to read an informed perspective concerning these important decisions facing our country.

Thoughtful analysis is always helpful in developing my own conclusions on a topic. In his new book, The Next Falling Empire, Marc Boyajian addresses all of the issues making headlines today and provides his prescriptions for a country that he warns is in serious danger. If you want some material for a lively debate at your next dinner party, Boyajian provides some great points to get you started.

Whether you are a seasoned analyst of political opinion or someone new to the subject who just senses that all is not well with our system, you will find The Next Falling Empire to be applicable to your level of background knowledge. Boyajian chooses language and a tone that creates the sense of a conversation with his audience. He regularly asks questions of his readers that are not meant to be rhetorical, but instead used to pull you into the text by creating personal relevance. What parent isn't concerned with what his kids may be learning from television? How many voters complain every election cycle that they are tired of “stupid negative campaigning”? Who hasn't wondered how we can lower the gas prices in a smart and forward-thinking way? Boyajian does a fantastic job of recognizing the concerns felt by most Americans and then attacking the controversy head-on and without apology.

Boyajian covers a wide variety of subjects in his initial offering as an author. Education, taxes, the strength of families and energy policy are just a few of the areas receiving his analysis. However, as diverse as the material may seem at first glance, the author makes a compelling argument that all of the issues must be faced with an integrated approach to create the best possible future for our country. In its structure, each chapter tackles a specific policy issue and generally follows the same format. Boyajian lays out the situation as he sees it, including examples that will be familiar to readers. He describes each problem and its corresponding examples with no shortage of emotional language. The author is clearly frustrated with the direction that our political and social structures are heading, and his forceful choice of words is a great strength of this book. We are not reading dry analysis from another theorist who remains detached from his work. Boyajian brings us the perspective of an everyday American who has taken the time to translate his concerns to the written word.

Finally, as the author rightfully touts, he does not just complain about the problems in The Next Falling Empire. Each challenge is met with his prescription for repair, and not just with sweeping generalities that are often espoused by politicians on the campaign trail. Boyajian shares specific recommendations, from a reconstituted school that in turn would shift our work days and traffic patterns to dropping leaflets on Iraqi citizens with offers of payment in return for civic participation to a trust fund for energy research, the author is not short on inventive plans for our country. For those who consider themselves “numbers people,” the author provides specific calculations on his proposed government taxing and spending. If you prefer the human element of a situation, he explains how his ideas will result in concrete improvements of individuals and families both here and abroad. Both sides of your brain will be satisfied with the exercise it receives in every chapter of this policy text. 

My recommendation of this book does not stem from the fact that I agree with every solution proposed by Mr. Boyajian, although I certainly share his concern with many of the problems he dissects in the book. There are certainly issues, such as national security and health care, on which the author and I disagree and I would enjoy some lively debates with him. Instead, I appreciate The Next Falling Empire because it is well-written political analysis composed by a man who obviously has a great passion for his country and the direction in which it is heading. When an author writes with conviction and intelligence, the final product is always worth studying. This book should be considered a essential addition to your personal political library.


The Dark Abode (ISBN : 978-81-906956-2-6) is the English version of an Indian novel Gambhiri Ghara, written in Oriya (an Indian language by eminent Indian writer Sarojini Sahoo), one of the first ranking feminist writers of India, whose outlook is quite sharp. She raises the issues differently in each of her writings. And such issues are introduced in her creative writings without sullying the art of literature.

It is a story of an extra marital affair between two lovers who belong to two enemy countries, India and Pakistan. The lovers have not seen each other. The bridge of communication between them is e-mail. The hero is a perverted artist who enjoyed fifty-two affair in his life while having two wives in Pakistan. He tries to be a perfect man after falling in love with the protagonist, Kuki. Post-colonial situation of Indian sub-continent enhanced the hostility between Hindus and Muslims. But the people have the same group myths that the political authorities always try to rebuff. How the political authorities obstruct and suppress the individual freedom is shown in the version of Safique, the painter, when he writes a letter to Kuki in pseudonym. She understands that it is a ploy to hide his identity from the Military Junta.

Different complexity of life as in the novel, tells us the terrible situation a woman has to face in her conjugal life. It also depicts terrorism from the family level to the international level. The Delhi and London bomb blasts also have an influential role in the lives of two lovers, which make them think that their war is not personal; but it is the clash between the individual and the State.

Picasso’s sketch, La cocu magnific, has also played a crucial role in this novel to represent a female in love. The woman is there to continue this false housewifery. The area marked exclusively as belonging to her, the housewife under the patriarchal system, is too easily intruded by many relationships and attachments. Kuki, the female protagonist, understands that the area is not exclusively hers. There dwells much maladjustment, many falsehoods. Still she was not in a position to leave her family in any way.

The novel is a collage presentation of an Asian female writer's novel and an American poet painter's sketches. Ed Baker has contributed 23 nude sketches to the 23 chapters of the novel to represent female sexuality. The novel is published by Indian AGE Communication, Vadodara, Gujarat, India (http://www.indianage.net ) in paperback format having with a list price 301 INR or $10.85 US

The Promotional Hunt

A few months ago, I learned that my novel Hunted was going to come out in print. As you can imagine, I was thrilled, beyond thrilled. Write Words Inc. had already published it in eBook but having a book in print is a whole other matter and one that cries out for a celebration!

Part way into celebrating, I thought of something: How am I going to promote Hunted in print? I thought this over. I had already done a multitude of things to promote the eBook. I had created a blog, created a book trailer and created a free eBook for readers to download that would, hopefully, promote Hunted. I passed the eBook out for reviews, did interviews and joined in chats to help promote the novel.

I had done what I thought was everything I could do. I couldn’t think of anything else to do to promote Hunted in paperback that I hadn’t already done to promote Hunted in eBook. Well, thankfully, it turned out I was wrong.

I was surfing the internet one day when I came across Script Frenzy. The sister site of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) the site challenges you to write a 100-page script in thirty days. I thought about writing a script. I had always wanted to try writing one and had indeed attempted Script Frenzy the year before only to fail miserably. Then it hit me: I could use Script Frenzy to promote Hunted!

Sandy Duran, one of the characters in Hunted, leaves at the end of the novel. I found myself wondering where she was going, where she would end up, once the novel was done. Script Frenzy seemed an ideal way to explore this idea and promote Hunted at the same time. And so Blackwood came to be. In Blackwood, Sandy travels to the town only to discover that it is populated by zombies and that her parents, long thought to be dead, are still alive.

I promoted Blackwood and it helped to increase readership in the Hunted Blog by over a hundred people. But, with the book coming out in print, I wanted to do something else, something more than just Blackwood. I created a new trailer, but I didn’t stop there. I wanted to go one step further. I created an interactive web site. I wanted to help my readers experience Hunted in a brand new, amazing way. You can find the Web site at www.jamiesonwolf.com/hunted

I based the site around Global Spire Communications, a fictional company on a fictional soap opera in the novel. In the web site, everything is clickable and you can even email the staff. And get a response back!

Promoting your book is always hard work but there are always new and wonderful ways to promote and to get your words out there. It just means that you’ll have to think outside the box and have fun doing it! Just think outside the box. So c’mon! Join the Hunt!

Jamieson has been writing since a young age when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school. Since then, he has created many worlds in which to live his fantasies and live out his dreams. He is the author of several novels including The Ghost Mirror, The Hunted Series, Valentine, Finding Beauty and the forthcoming Witches and Valentines Labyrinth. He currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with his husband and his cat, Mave, who thinks she's people. You can learn more about him at his Web site www.jamiesonwolf.com or his blog at www.jamiesonwolf.blogspot.com

All the Stillness of the Wind
Author:  Donald James Parker
Author Website: DonaldJamesParker.com
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
ISBN-13:  978-1-2345-6789-7
Publisher: Sword of the Spirit Publishing
Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis for AllBooks Reviews

Whether seeking personal peace, finding the path to redemption or satisfying a need for knowledge; your journey could begin by reading this book!

A parable is an avenue used to get a point across, by telling a fictional story, allowing the listener to make their own conclusions. It usually pertains to a moral or spiritual idea. Jesus was famous for his use of parables, and I believe that this fictional story would best be described as a modern day parable.

Jeremy is dating Maria and coincidentally, his father, Paul is dating Maria’s mother, Lisa. The women are devout Christians, who know their futures lie with men of similar beliefs. Jeremy has already studied the theory of evolution and concluded that there must have been a creator. The men set out to research religion and its many viewpoints, with special focus on Christianity, the arguments for and against. They share their newfound knowledge and acceptance with the women, as their beliefs are discussed or debated.

The comfort level and bantering conversations between the four characters made me laugh, as I learned right along with them. Throughout their search, they “weed through,” accept or reject different viewpoints on what man must do, to inherit eternal life. Along the way, they discover there are numerous ways to reconnect with God and inner peace, by way of music, prayer, and more.

The couples celebrate their first Christmas together, the happy memory quickly shattered by a horrific accident, which would shake even the strongest of believers’ faith. It is then that we learn about grace, “the ability to forgive people for messing up” and about the five steps of grieving. This is one of the many times that Satan feeds our anger and, only once he has been renounced, is the burden lifted. Love and faith are true believers' path to a good life, and the key to the much believed in Heaven.

The author, Donald James Parker, has told a brilliant version of a parable, and shown us a way to begin the search for truth. It is easy to read and identify with, not heavy on scriptures. He provides a few web sites as well as scriptures for future research. He is currently working on other books “engaging the cultural climate of the 21st century.”

To review this book was incredible timing. Either divine intervention or just plain coincidence, as it came to me in a time of many questions. It has had a positive influence on my life by encouraging me to reconnect with my roots and beliefs on my own search for peace. I highly recommend reading this book.

 The Writing Life: Steal Back Your Vote

By JJ Murphy                                  


Don’t let the comic book format fool you. As a result of the 2006 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), people who want to vote are being prevented from voting, rather than helped.

Authors Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy, Jr. have created a practical, user-friendly handbook to help readers know what to do to ensure their votes are actually counted. Steal Back Your Vote is absolutely a must-read book, even if you have already voted. This is not about candidates. It’s non-partisan, aimed Republicans, Democrats, Third-Party and Independent American citizens who want to vote.

“Start with page 19,” Kennedy writes in his second paragraph, directing readers to steps we can take, should we discover that we’re no longer registered to vote.

The United States Constitution guarantees every citizen’s right to register to vote and to cast our ballot. HAVA requires state voter-registry programs to reject new voter registration applications that do not match government records. HAVA also requires these programs to remove voters who have been registered for years for something as tiny as a missed hyphen. That sends a chill down my spine.

I’m in trouble. I signed my driver’s license using my middle initial. My Social Security card has my full middle name. Which government record will my local Board of Elections use?

Despite the title, Steal Back Your Vote provides legal steps you can take to ensure that you are registered and what to do if your registration has “gone missing.” If you are challenged at the polls, DON’T accept a provisional ballot. Instead, call the 800-number for Election Protection to ensure immediate adjudication. Why? Because there is irrefutable evidence that provisional ballots have been thrown away - without ever being counted.

How do you communicate a serious issue to a widely diverse American audience? Steal Back Your Vote has done an effective job at getting me to take action. I contacted my local Board of Elections. I’m still registered. Now, it’s off to the polls to see what happens when I cast my ballot.

As scary as I find this issue, I cherish my American citizenship. Where else in the world would this issue come to light in time for me use my freedom and civil rights to take effective action?  Whatever the outcome of our election, I am proud and grateful to live in a country where Steal Back Your Vote is published.


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