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L.E.E. Design is doing its part to save the planet. Keeping the job in the US, we use “green” printers, recycled paper, and environmentally-friendly inks. Keeping the background colors of our Web site dark saves a decent amount of energy when viewing our site.
About L.E.E. Design

L.E.E. Design was established in 2004 by graphic designer Jessica Dockter. Her desire to help others compelled her to find new ways to help individuals and companies with conceptual development, logo design, company branding, and marketing images that clearly convey what you want to express.

The most meaningful things are many times found in simple daily events. Whether we know it or not, these everyday moments etch a mental picture or feeling in our memory or emotion. Being able to capture and transform that moment into an image that portrays the same feeling or idea to your client is Jessica’s specialty.

L.E.E. stands for Life's Everyday Experiences, which Jessica believes should be celebrated. In fact, her desire to help others celebrate their accomplishments is one of the reasons she decided to freelance instead of working for just one corporation or company. This freedom allows her to offer her diverse skills to a large number of clients, giving each one something to be proud of.

About Jessica

Jessica was born in Manhattan, Kansas, and was raised in North and South Dakota. While on her way to obtaining her Bachelor Degree in Biology Jessica realized that a traditional type of education was not going to allow her to live the life she really wanted. So, this Midwestern gal followed her artistic heart’s desire and began her study in graphic design. Soon, she had an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Technology from the Community College of Southern Nevada. She found herself and her true calling in Las Vegas, of all places! It is a very special locality to her because it was there that she began an education that launched the career she now delights in.

Like most musicians and artists, Jessica creates her designs on a Macintosh computer using Apple and compatible programs from the Adobe family: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. She also makes use of online photo and clip art sites; however, she is not limited to working only on the computer. She also designs from hand drawings which makes them one of a kind and much more personal. Read more.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams

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